South Shore Ecological Preserve
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Historic Jordan River delta on Great Salt Lake South ShoreThe Mitigation Commission formed a partnership with National Audubon Society to create the South Shore Ecological Reserve. The Reserve includes approximately 8,000 acres on the south and east shore of the Great Salt Lake.

Much of this area has been acquired by entities with a need to mitigate wetland impacts and a desire to develop an area reserved for wetlands and avian wildlife, particularly shorebirds. Kennecott Utah Copper and the Salt Lake Airport Authority acquired approximately half the area for their respective mitigation needs. National Audubon Society received substantial donations of land within the Reserve and the Mitigation Commission has purchased several key parcels.

Tucked in the northwestern area of the Reserve is a 2,000-acre relatively undisturbed remnant of a historic delta of the Jordan River. The National Audubon Society received a donation of about 1,300 acres in the delta area. In addition, National Audubon Society made some land trades and the Commission acquired 743 acres of property and 750 shares of water.

A hydrologic study and water delivery plan have been prepared based on several configurations of area ownership and easement. This information provides the basis for a joint management plan currently under development. A preliminary draft and final of the Great Salt Lake South Shore Reserve management master plan is scheduled for 2005.

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